Submit to: Instant City Issue 9



Instant City is now accepting submissions for stories, poems, images, essays, etc. that are set in San Francisco.

We are always accepting submissions for future issues and  shorter pieces for Lit City and Transit Tales.

Submissions should be under 3000 words. We prefer to receive print submissions in word (.doc), but you’re welcome to send us them as plain text files as well. Be sure to include your name, email and any other contact info in the body of the text.

Please note that we do not publish every submission we receive, either in the magazine or online. Submissions will be considered for both print and online unless you tell us otherwise.

We’re also interested in submissions of video, audio, and flash format for the site… but please let us know what you have in mind first before uploading a file.

We do accept simultaneous submissions, just let us know.  For more info or to submit a story, see our submissions page

Let’s hook up!

Instant City is dedicated to creating community through our website. We’d like to include links to blogs penned by Instant City contributors past and present. Please drop us a line with a link to your blog. And we’d be ever so tickled to appear on your page.

We do accept simultaneous submissions, just let us know.

Submit stories and story ideas, artwork, audio and/or video by clicking on the button below. It will prompt you to find the file on your desktop and allow you to upload directly from there.

Problems/ questions? You can always send us an email instead: submissions [at] instantcity [dot] org.

Instant City Sections

Each issue of Instant City, we print a special section devoted to short stories surrounding a particular theme of San Francisco lore. Past themes have included abandoned or transformed SF movie theaters, locations of famous San Francisco crimes, bar stories from SF dive bars, and most recently, explorations of the city’s many ruins. We’re always looking for suggestions for new sections. Please send them to us at submissions [at] instantcity [dot] org.

Transit Stories

Instant City is interested in your stories of life aboard San Francisco’s many buses and trains. Be it the Muni, the BART, or AC Transit, each bus or train through SF has a personality of its own. We’re looking for 300-1000 word stories of life aboard SF’s sprawling transit systems. Selected stories will be printed online. Multimedia submissions are also encouraged. Please contact us for specs.

Lit City: San Francisco Bar By Bar

Have a bar story to share? We’re looking for pieces between 200 & 700 words, explorations of San Francisco watering holes, their histories, and brief snapshots of your experiences — real or imagined. So go out, have a few drinks and an experience or two, and submit a story to us here! See Lit City stories online